“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” - Confucius

spreadsheet to database

Get a functional web application quickly from your spreadsheet documents or from scratch unifying best features from database and spreadsheet world without coding!

What is Spreadsheet to Application?

Replace your Excel files with robust web application

“I really like my spreadsheet, but…”

Replace your spreadsheet files with robust web application.
S2A platform enables migration of spreadsheet Excel format files (layout, formulas, data) to a robust web application for mass multiuser data entry with familiar forms and based on a centralized database.

Spreadsheet to database

„I need this app today“

Fast development and deployment.
Excel document often stores vast user knowledge. S2A platform enables rapid and easy development and deployment of web application based on existing Excel documents using easy wizard steps without coding.

Spreadsheet to web application

“I want to fill data forms from many users in the same time…”

Multiple concurrent users from multiple locations.
With migrating Excel files to web application multiple users have the ability to edit documents simultaneously according to the predefined roles and with automatic document counter feature and user’s ID recorded.

Excel to database

“Where is my calculation for Acme Inc?...”

Find document or value simply and fast.
S2A enables powerful data-grid and easy data/document search so users can quickly find specific data within all documents to which they have given access.

Replace your Excel files with robust web application

“I have some special requirements on web app…”

Getting tailor-made software.
S2A platform provides an entirely new approach in rapid custom software development resulting with a web application built from original customer’s documents that exactly fit real client requirements, preserving existing documents’ layouts and logic.

Spreadsheet to database

“Where is my data stored?”

Make your data reachable and safer.
S2A post data into a database located in the cloud preserving documents from unauthorized access and modifying, ensuring easy backup/restoration off all documents.

Excel to database

“I’ll finish that offer tonight from my home…”

Works from anywhere.
S2A allows using business documents and data from anywhere and anytime using an internet connection.

Printing document

Printing document

No need for an extra design in report designer for printing document!
Document would be printed exactly as it has been designed.

S2A - Spreadsheet to Application


  • Easy migration of spreadsheet layout, formulas and data into web app
  • User menu controlled with roles/permissions
  • Data are stored in the database
  • Powerful built-in lookup (enabling value choosing and consistency of inserting data)
  • Automatic counters for documents
  • Powerful data grid with filters and column customization
  • Attaching binary documents to records (document manager)
  • Column culture option
  • Printing documents
  • Export to Excel or .pdf
  • No coding
  • Database and aps are stored in the cloud

Our customers and their statements

“Your new S2A is a very practical tool for structuring and rapid analysis of data. Integration with MS Excel is also practical because it allows flexibility in further data processing”

Mario Orač, dipl. ing., Board Member of Končar - Metalne konstrukcije d.d.

Let us do it for you!

Get started today with spreadsheet to database

If you don’t want to mess with creating apps, send us an inquiry and your Excel documents here. We will sent an offer to you and if you agree with you’ll have your web application very very soon!



75 €


  • 5 Forms
  • 5 Users
  • Menu
  • Without generator + E-mail support
  • Database limit: 5 GB


175 €


  • 5 Forms
  • 5 Users
  • Menu
  • With S2A generator + E-mail support
  • Database limit: 5 GB


575 €


  • 20 Forms
  • 20 Users
  • Menu
  • With S2A generator + E-mail support
  • Database limit: 15 GB


975 €


  • 50 Forms
  • 50 Users
  • Menu
  • With S2A generator + E-mail support
  • Database limit: 30 GB



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